Interested in a peek behind the scenes at the airport, in the cabin of a de-icing truck or in the galley of a plane? Our blog is waiting for you like a runway for a plane!

Our first post is about a digital leap - the relevant theme of many ground handling operators currently. Have a good time reading and stay tuned for our latest Cabin Crew news!

Leaping digitally at Airpro and more blogposts

Ground Handling staff walk out is over, delays in baggage handling expected for the coming days

The walk out of ground handling staff is now over and ground handling operations at Helsinki Airport are returning back to normal. The walk out at Helsinki Airport on 19th September has congested t...

Ground Handling staff stoppage at Helsinki Airport 19th September

The walk out of ground handling staff will affect ground handling operations at Helsinki Airport. The walk out started today on 19th of September at 15:00. According to current information, the wal...


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