Interested in a peek behind the scenes at the airport, in the cabin of a de-icing truck or in the galley of a plane? Our blog is waiting for you like a runway waits a plane!

After two decades of providing Cabin Crew to various airlines, we're leveraging our expertise to offer a specialized recruitment service tailored for the aviation industry. Tea, our Cabin Crew Business Manager tells you how and why you should outsource the recruitment process, too. Have a good time reading!

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Political strike during 1–2 February 2024 causes delays to flights and baggage handling

The effects of the strike can be seen in the services provided by Airpro in security check, arrival service and baggage handling. This may, for example, lead to longer baggage claim times and delay...

Airpro's first Sustainability Report is published!

Airpro's sustainability report is now available on Airpro's website under the heading Sustainability . The purpose of the report is to present our key ESG functions in line with our strategy and...


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