Outsourced Cabin crew for airlines

We offer cabin crew management and cabin crew recruiting services for airlines. By choosing us as your partner in Cabin Crew, you can be sure of the reliability of the necessary support functions. All the details of our service are defined together and scalable to the airline's specific needs. We negotiate our own collective agreement with local trade unions and know the local labour market. 

High-quality processes, which correspond to the regulations of the aviation industry in terms of recruitment, for example, are also the basis of our efficient administrative team.

Contact us: cabinservices@airpro.fi

Our Crew is your Crew

Cabin crew employed through Airpro can operate from any base, home base being Helsinki Airport. The cabin crew team selected will work for the designated airline for the contracted period. The use of outsourced cabin crew is flexible and adaptable to the airline's own roster planning, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations (minimum Airpro cabin crew collective agreement).




We aim to be innovative in all our recruitments to attract best possible candidates,  and we use modern channels in recruitment marketing. In our recruitment, we strive for an interactive and efficient recruitment process, not forgetting the statutory obligations. Our recruitments for cabin crew positions are always airline-specific and can thus be designed as agreed.



Cabin Crew Management and recruitment services

We offer:

  • Cabin Crew Services with 20 years of experience
  • Cabin Crew Recruitment Service
  • Scalable services to the airline's specific needs