Skilled and committed staff

We enable hundreds of thousands of successful travel experiences every year. This is solely thanks to our multi-talented professionals.

Our social responsibility focus areas 2022:

  • Equality and inclusion
  • On-the-job coaching
  • Work safety and wellbeing

Encouraging workplace and a tight-knit community

In 2022, we employed on average 1,300 people, with approximately 60% at Helsinki Airport and 40% at regional airports.

Boosted by the recovery of passenger volumes in air traffic, the demand for services increased in 2022. We recruited a large number of personnel for security control duties, for example. We are a major provider for entry level jobs for young people, offering on-the-job training and coaching. 





Equality and inclusion in a male-dominated field

In 2022 we focused our human resources efforts on equality and safety.

Good gender ratio

We carried out a survey in 2022 to assess the realisation of equal pay, and no major differences were discovered. At Airpro, women are encouraged to apply for supervisory positions, and equality is taken into account starting from job interviews. These measures have helped increase the number of women in male-dominated jobs.


On-the-job coaching


By coaching within the organization we support development and achieving goals. Instead of teaching we assist learning by asking open-ended questions.


We use this method as means to transfer knowledge and know-how from a more experienced to a younger expert.

Coaching mentoring

A combination of coaching and mentoring is a collaborative relationship. This approach helps the mentee to reflect and find the answers, but knowledge and know-how are also shared.


Towards better work safety and wellbeing

Occupational safety is a high priority for us.

Multiple safety measures

During 2022 the company developed a set of occupational safety indicators and started investigation training. We monitor accidents by unit and measure our capabilities. We identify trends that cause accidents and take measures to prevent recurrence. All our accidents are investigated and corrective actions are recorded.

We communicate

Communication related to occupational safety has increased. All accidents are openly shared with the entire personnel on the information screen. Heads of units receive event descriptions and process them in personnel meetings. The accident frequency indicators appear in the monthly safety letter.


We are participating in a survey carried out by the pension insurance company Ilmarinen and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the aim of which is to identify factors that promote and jeopardise work ability in shift work.


Our top commitments for 2023



accident frequency.



wellbeing at work strategy Implementation.



new employee benefit for the whole staff.