Our journey towards a more sustainable destination

We offer zero-emission ground handling operations and high-quality ground passenger services to our airline customers in 11 airports across Finland. We are are a subsidiary of Finavia Group.

Environmental impact: 
Reducing our footprint

We are a pioneer in zero-emission ground handling, committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We recycle and upcycle our work uniforms.

Our environmental efforts

Social impact: 
Staff wellbeing

We employed around 1,300 people in 2023 and are a major provider of entry-level jobs for young people.

Our social impact efforts

Governance policies: 
Compliance comes first

The quality of our operations and the emphasis on responsibility are at the core of our actions. We maintain an open reporting culture.

Our governance policies efforts

CFO's insight

Proudly Pioneering

I am very proud that we have invested in an electric fleet and will continue to do so in the future. We aim to purchase all new equipment electrically and use the current equipment to the end of its life cycle. The new equipment we have acquired is 99% emission-free.

IN 2023, we made investment decisions on, among other things, electric water and toilet trucks and introduced an electric luggage belt. It is truly 
great that we have the first hybrid de-icing vehicles in the Nordics.
BUSINESS-WISE, Finnair continued as our ground handling customer in 2023. New customers were Braathens and DHL, who value our responsible operations. Our network airports also have new customer companies as air traffic has revived after the pandemic.
WHEN IT COMES TO WORKWEAR, it is important to us how the clothes are produced and that they are recyclable. We use discarded textiles in customer gifts produced together with Globe Hope.
IN THE NEAR FUTURE, sustainability reporting will become stricter, and financial indicators will play a bigger role. As a ground handling company, we do our part to make aviation even more low-emission and responsible.
Minna Saukkosaari  
CFO & GSE Fleet Director