Airports services for our corporate clients

Airpro is a company that specialises in aviation services at airports. We have the best people for the job, and years of experience in providing top quality customer service, security services and custodial services. Therefore, high quality work and professional service is a guarantee addition to the services we provide at the airport.


Security services

The key element in creating a safe airport atmosphere is security. Our Security Officers will ensure that every passenger’s journey begins safely and in compliance with international civil aviation regulations. These responsibilities also include courtesy and hospitality: we want to make the journey as smooth and pleasant as possible. Restrictions and prohibitions related with baggage are brought upon passengers in a polite manner.


Cleaning services

Airpro's cleaners take care of the cleaning of public areas and aircraft at Lapland airports. A clean terminal is a prerequisite for a pleasant journey. Efficient teamwork ensures a good end result and air travel facilities are kept clean. In aircraft cleaning, we clean the cabin and remove debris quickly without slowing down the turnaround process.