Aircraft and airport cleaning

Would you be interested in working in aircraft or airport cleaning jobs?

Cleaning services at Lapland Airports

You will play a key part in offering an enjoyable and satisfactory travelling experience for passengers visiting Finnish Lapland. Thanks to your diligent work, the airport facilities are kept in superb condition, and travelling to Lapland always feels like a great idea for tourists!

The nature of aircraft cleaning is a shift work that is carried out at all times of the day, every day of the year. You will succeed in this role if you have an eye for cleanliness and are both flexible and reliable person. We appreciate proactivity and positive approach!

Aircraft cleaner training

No previous training is required to become an airport or aircraft cleaner. Airpro organises a basic course and on-the-job training for cleaners. Aircraft cleaning is different in many ways from normal office cleaning, for example, since the tasks include a lot of variety. The cleaning work is always done in a team, so social skills are an advantage for applicants.


At Airpro you will work in a good team, with the possibility to apply for our other vacancies in aviation business. Apply for our aircraft and airport cleaning jobs today by checking out our aircraft cleaner vacancies here!