Thank you for your applications!

Recruitment for the Winter Season 2023-2024 has ended and the suitable applicants have been contacted. Thank you for your interest towards Airpro!

We are offering multiple vacancies in Airport and Aircraft cleaning at Kittilä, Ivalo and Enontekiö Airports

The international airport environment offers great facilities to work in positions that only require your positive attitude and proactive approach, as well as English language skills.

During hectic winter months, you'll be supported by our airport professionals, who greet even the busiest of passenger traffic with great expertise. The most important quality to have is eagerness to learn. We will provide you with the necessary information for the job!



Cleaning plays an important role in the comfort and functionality of the airport. As a cleaner, you will be able to perform a wide range of cleaning tasks and contribute to the comfort of the Winter Season. Thanks to your good work, travelling to Lapland always feels like a good idea. We appreciate a lively and diligent approach!



In addition to cleaning services, Airpro provides other airport vacancies, such as Security Officer, Check-In Agent and Ramp Agent.

Since the training for other positions in Lapland Winter Season requires Finnish skills, we are currently unavailable to offer other than Service Officer's vacancies and the cleaning work for non-Finnish speakers. We apologize and are working on this. In the meantime, stay tuned for the opportunity to leave your application in English for future seasons, and get to know these positions in advance!


Security Officer
This role combines customer service and compliance with strict safety regulations. Ensuring Airport Security requires team effort, and Security Officers are responsible for the safety and security of civil aviation. At Airpro, our goal is to make security check a pleasant customer experience instead of just a mandatory part of the journey.

 Check-In Agent
Our Check-In Agents are professionals when it comes to customer care and will deal with any situation that comes their way in a calm and friendly manner. This position includes working at the check-in and boarding gates, as well as in arrival service. Check-In Agents serve passengers with a big heart.

 Ramp Agent
Our Ramp Agents welcome arriving aircrafts and prepare the departure ones on their way with passengers and baggage on board. The work can be hectic at times, and lifting and moving baggage in winter weather keeps our Ramp Agents warm in the snowy circumstances. Aircraft Ground Handling is team work and Ramp Agents need to respect the aviation regulations. It’s a matter of honour for us that aircraft departs safely and on time.

Kittilä Airport is on its busiest during Winter Season, as it has excellent connections to many of Lapland’s major tourist destinations. The airport mainly serves passengers from all over Finland and the world travelling to ski resorts in the north.


Rovaniemi Airport is one of the largest airports in Finland, especially during the Winter Season. In addition, Rovaniemi Airport is Santa Claus’ official airport!


Kuusamo, Ivalo and Enontekiö Airports are busy turning points for passengers especially during the Winter Season. The airports host both domestic and international tourists that are on their way to different parts of the Northern Lapland. Did you know that Ivalo Airport is the Northernmost Airport in Finland?