30 years in aviation business – let the celebration begin!


In 2024 we are celebrating Airpro's 30th year as a specialist in aviation services. Airpro was founded on 1994 and we continue our journey towards more sustainable air travel and our goal to offer zero-emission ground handling operations to our airline customers in 11 airports across Finland. We will let the celebration year’s theme be seen in our communications and publish stories from the early years of Airpro – we still have dedicated, dear colleagues working with us from the beginning.


From 1994 to 2024 – Airpro today

This year our key priorities are increasing our operational reliability and ensuring even more smooth and hassle-free travel experience for passengers and airlines. After two years of hectic growth and keeping up with demand, we are brightening our focus on our strategic goals, positive employee experience, excellent customer experience and long-term competitiveness. 

We have recruited 500 new employees in two consecutive years, and we are employing now almost 1400 aviation professionals in March 2024. Also, the number of flights handled by Airpro have been all time high, 50,000 flights during the last 12 months across Finland. 

We are publishing our 2023 sustainability report soon, also we are excited to tell you more about our customer survey results! Our Cabin Crew business unit is putting efforts to offer turnkey cabin crew service solution for airlines operating to/from Helsinki. We are also proud that we have renewed our ISAGO certificate again in our Helsinki ground handling operations, fourth time since the initial recognition in 2015. 

Stay tuned for news and blog posts – let the celebration begin! 

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