Airpro and Finnair announce contract renewal on de-icing at Helsinki Airport


Airpro and Finnair have signed a contract on de-icing at Helsinki Airport for the winter season 2022-2023. The agreement for the coming winter season follows the de-icing operations started last year. 

Last winter Airpro provided de-icing at Helsinki Airport by eight de-icing cars offered by Finnair. Now Finnair and Airpro have agreed to continue the cooperation on the coming winter 2022-2023. The size of the agreement is the same as last year: eight cars. Four are offered by Finnair and the remaining four are Airpro's new de-icing cars. Airpro's own cars are the first electric de-icing cars in the Nordics. These cars are not only emissions-frees but they also reduce noise pollution.   

“It is great to continue co-operation with Finnair. The new agreement is significant for us and takes us one step further towards the goals of our Airpro 2025 strategy,” rejoices Joona Hurmerinta, Airpro's acting CEO. 

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