Airpro expands to cargo handling


Airpro and ASR Cargo Center have signed a cooperation agreement which will expand Airpro’s service offering to cover also cargo handling at Helsinki Airport. As a result of the cooperation agreement, Airpro’s airline customers are henceforth able to choose Airpro also as their cargo services provider.

“Our airline customers have been asking if we would be able to provide also cargo handling. Now we are happy to answer yes to this question!” says Mr Janne Hattula, Managing Director at Airpro.

The cooperation agreement opens up new opportunities for both Airpro and ASR Cargo Center to expand their business and operations.

“We are delighted about this collaboration, and we look forward to the new opportunities it brings to better serve the airline customers,” says Mr Jaakko Mikkonen, Managing Director at ASR Cargo Center.      

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