Airpro and Sunclass Airlines announce contract renewal on ground handling services


Airpro and Sunclass Airlines have signed a multi-year agreement on ground handling services nationwide.

Airpro and its longstanding partner Sunclass Airlines have reached an agreement for the provision of ground handling and de-icing services. Sunclass Airlines operates leisure flights mainly to/from Helsinki Airport, but the agreement covers all Airpro operated airports nationwide. The renewed agreement further strengthens the partnership between the parties.

”We are naturally extremely happy that Sunclass Airlines, our longstanding partner, has chosen to award the agreement to Airpro. The decision to continue the partnership with Airpro indicates continued delivery of quality services and competitiveness which wouldn’t be possible without our highly skilled staff whom we should extend our thanks to”, says Mikko Turpeinen, Head of Commercial.

The agreement is a result of a lengthy negotiation process which started early 2023 and was concluded months later in July. The renewed agreement is set to enter into force on the 1st of September 2023.

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