Airpro initiates de-icing production in Helsinki Airport


Upcoming winter season, Airpro will began producing de-icing at Helsinki Airport. De-icing is carried out for all Airpro's airline customers in the same way as at regional airports.

Previously Airpro subcontracted de-icing in Helsinki Airport, from upcoming season on Airpro provides de-icing services by itself for all our airline customers. As the production begins, we have the pleasure inform that we have also made a cooperation agreement with Finnair and we will start as one of their de-icing partners. 

We have outstanding competence for de-icing, and we have provided de-icing for years in our regional airports. We have examined the opportunities for de-icing production in Helsinki airport, cooperation with Finnair provided an excellent opportunity moment to start providing de-icing services also in Helsinki Airport for all our customers. Couldn’t be happier for this, says Mikko Turpeinen Airpro’s Head of Commercial Officer

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