Welcome to the Team – Airpro invests in introduction and training


Airpro extends its introduction and orientation as summer workers arrive. The latest addition is the Welcome to the Team online training module for self-study.

Airpro is an airport and passenger service provider that has expanded its operations and in recent years hired more personnel, reaching over 1,400 employees. This summer Airpro will hire about a hundred summer workers, many of whom are young people just starting their careers.

In addition to the Welcome to the Team induction events held at Helsinki Airport, Airpro has also recently deployed a matching online training module. The aim is to ensure equal basic abilities throughout the organisation for new employees. The Welcome to the Team online module inducts learners into Airpro services and business as part of aviation and provides information about the most important HR practices.

Even by international standards, Airpro offers a wide variety of airport services and equally comprehensive training and induction for its employees to their various duties. There are hundreds of training and induction events annually, which cover most if not all of the personnel. The Airpro Training organisation has been renewed and reinforced at the turn of the year to improve training and induction operations.

"It is important for us to uphold a high skill level in the services we offer. To maintain our daily performance, we train our personnel at regular intervals, depending on their job.  Skilled personnel are the key to safe and effective service. In addition to the online module, Airpro's training and induction is being improved by, for example, the recently updated Airpro supervisor training and the organisation-wide service concept training," says Janne Hattula, Managing Director of Airpro.

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