Crew communication in Airpro for our Cabin Crew airline customers


Effective communication among Cabin Crew members is essential for the smooth operation of flights. Senior Cabin Crew Member ensures a clear communication on the flight within the Cabin Crew and other flight crew members. When the airline uses outsourced Cabin Crew Members, the communication comes with a twist: Airpro represents a company that employs Cabin Crew Members, who on the other hand, are working in the airline’s uniforms.

To make sure that this does not interfere the work of the team hired through us we are committed to offer as good leadership and Cabin Crew management to our team as we possibly can. One way of assuring this is hiring a Cabin Crew Supervisor for each airline team operating through us. This helps to build and maintain seamless cooperation between us and our customer airlines, which has a direct impact on the crew members.  

In spring 2023 we got an excellent addition to our Cabin Crew unit, when Kaj joined us as Cabin Crew Supervisor. In this short time, he has managed to get very positive feedback from the crew and our customer airline about his way of working e.g., in regards his team building and communications skills. We wanted to hear more about Kaj's thoughts and share them with you too.  

Kaj, what kind of feedback have you gotten from your cabin crew team members?  

I've been told that I'm easy to approach and easy to get in touch with. I was happy to hear that, since it might be challenging to build a bridge between the office and the crew members flying all around the world. Supervising a Cabin Crew unit happens in a unique work environment. I must think outside the box to make sure everyone feels connected to the supervisor and can approach me despite the distance”, says Kaj.   

I have also tried to do my best in reaching everyone by phone a couple of times during a season. I want to keep in touch actively and not just by written messages. I have been given positive feedback that my calls are received with pleasure among the crew members. It is also important for me to meet at least twice in person during the season: on the Wings Day and on everyone’s last day.” (Last day meaning, our contracts with airlines are normally seasonal, which leads to that our contracted periods with cabin crew members are often temporary.)

Modern ways of communication  

Specifically designed Sharepoint page also serves as an excellent information channel for the team. Kaj has also good experiences about this. 

A Sharepoint page is also used for communication between our Cabin Crew office and crew members. It is easy to put up and a great way to gather information in one place for this kind of seasonal work, not to mention that the team members can leave their comments on the page. With few weeks intervals I aim to send video greetings to Cabin Crew Members to bring the office closer to them. Also, Teams meetings are held. We keep these meetings very informative and discuss current issues”, tells Kaj.  

The crew hired through Airpro is always trained by the airline, according to their standards and receive a lot of important information and guidelines directly from the airline also. Airpro Cabin Crew Supervisors are professionals in their multiangled work and serve as facilitators in communication between Airpro, the airline and the outsourced Cabin crew.   

If you are interested in hearing about us and our Cabin Crew unit´s committed way of working for airlines, please contact 

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