Elevating Excellence: Managing Cabin Crew Performance for Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Sales


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Cabin crew members operating on flights through Airpro have consistently excelled, earning recognition for their stellar performance from both passengers and our customer airlines. In this blog post, we present you the Airpro’s Cabin Crew Performance Management’s results in a nutshell for Airlines Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Sales. 

United Crew contributes to Airline’s NPS and Safety

Evaluating and managing the performance of cabin crew members is a crucial aspect of our cabin crew management. This includes monitoring adherence to safety protocols, assessing customer service skills, and addressing any issues that may arise among the crew.

It's worth noting that even though crew members may be employed through a third party, their dedication to the customer airline is high. The performance of the outsourced crew is on par with those directly employed by the airline. The commitment, work ethic, and willingness to ensure a positive passenger experience are consistent across the board.

In fact, crew hired through Airpro has gained appreciation from airline customers not only for their commitment to customer service but also for their high reporting activity during flights—a critical element for detecting and reporting deviations. For us, reporting is Just Culture – we report all safety-related issues, not to find the guilty ones but to make sure that safety comes first. With this attitude among our crew members, we can contribute to airline’s own safety goals. 

On-Board Sales Excellence 

The ability to create a positive and welcoming environment for passengers contributes significantly to the overall flying experience. One notable aspect that sets exceptional cabin crew performance apart is its direct impact on on-board sales. The positive impact of their customer interactions transcends to sales figures, with passengers more inclined to make purchases when served by a crew that excels in customer service.

Our success underscores the effectiveness of our approach, whether it's a model of mixed crew with some team members employed by partners, or a completely outsourced crew management.

The aviation industry is ever evolving, and we are committed to adapting and innovating to stay at the forefront of this dynamic field in the future as well. We are grateful for the long-standing relationships we have built over the years and ready to serve new airline customers.  


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