Support lays the foundation – young people employed in Airpro in a changing labour market


The transformation of Finnish working life has been a hot topic among workplace researchers for years. This is probably because the transformation continues to accelerate year by year. A notable change has also occurred in the labour market, especially among young job seekers. Today's youngsters increasingly seek experiences of meaning in their work. Money (salary) is no longer an object; they want to be part of something bigger, a greater whole. Work should offer achievements and opportunities for influence. It should challenge and develop in the right proportion. All of this poses a challenge for supervisory work, but when led correctly, it is also a fantastic opportunity. 


Airpro has always valued an agile approach to development and production-ready ideas. Perhaps that's why Airpro is a popular employer among youngsters. Employees want to be involved in developing the organization, but this requires active supervisory work and the creation of opportunities for influence. Airpro coaches its supervisors to engage in active interaction with employees. If opportunities for influence are not perceived, disappointment can easily occur, and employees may even consider seeking employment elsewhere. This is reflected in another indicator of workplace transformation: the average length of employment relationships in Finland is gradually decreasing.


One challenge for employers is managing the balance between manual work and expert work. More young people want to be experts in their own work, but the employees also need those who are interested in manual tasks. All tasks at Airpro include opportunities for influence and development, so they have qualities like expert work, which is often seen as meaningful and engaging for employees. 


Airpro's role in the job market in the becoming years 

The number of open positions in the Finnish job market is clearly declining at the end of 2023 compared to the summer and fall of 2023, with a decrease of about 25% in late summer. Employment opportunities have significantly tightened. At the same time, unemployment has slightly increased in all age groups. There were 3,000 more unemployed job seekers under the age of 25 than in the previous October. Corporate social responsibility becomes crucial in this context. During recession years in the 1990s, young people who became unemployed left a permanent gap in their careers, and some permanently dropped out of the job market. Society simply cannot afford this, and from a human perspective, it is also emotionally burdensome. 


Airpro's role in the job market is positive especially because Airpro employs a lot of young people. About a quarter of the company's workforce is under 25 years old. Airpro provides young people with a steppingstone into the working world and aviation, shaping them into responsible employees. At the same time, they receive, in addition to salary, a sense of accomplishment that will carry them into the future. Moreover, we feel priviledged to be there for many young people stepping to worklife for the first time. 


The experiences of the first job leave an impression on the employee, as research has shown. Was I genuinely recognized? Was I part of a community? Was my effort appreciated? According to research, a poor start to a career can leave scars throughout the entire working life. The first job also teaches the “laws” of the working world, the right habits for success in the workplace, communication in the work community, and taking responsibility for one's work. For some young employees, these lessons are learned as part of the work community. Airpro has high quality supervisors who are willing to guide and coach. 


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