Airpro’s collective agreement compliant with the Competitiveness Pact – enabling air traffic throughout Finland


The strike notices of Trade Union Pro for the upcoming weekends have been cancelled and the flights will be operated as normal.  Yet, the announced stoppages of work in March by The Finnish Aviation Labour Union (IAU) are still in force.

The strike notices of IAU are related to Airpro’s collective agreement compliant with the Competitiveness Pact which entered into force on 1 February 2017 and is now concluded with Service Sector Employers Palta and the employee organisations JHL, Pardia and Trade Union PRO. IAU was also a party to Airpro’s earlier collective agreement but decided not to be part of it now, seeking for its members benefits better than those provided by the Competitiveness Pact.

“Airpro observes its own company-specific collective agreement in compliance with the Employment Contracts Act. Its particular characteristic is that it creates the prerequisites for operations using the multi-skills model, which allows the employees’ duties to be flexibly combined in the ever-changing operations of air traffic. This is also important because Airpro’s model of operation differs from other actors in the sector in Finland, both with respect to the number of business locations and the range of services offered. The provision of services to airlines and airports would not be possible in regional airports with limited traffic volumes, for example, without job descriptions of extensive diversity,” says Janne Hattula, the Managing Director of Airpro.

If the stoppages of work materialise, they will affect Airpro Oy's security check services and check-in and gate services, as well as baggage handling, particularly at the Helsinki Airport.

For the impacts on traffic, passengers should monitor the information provided by Finavia and their own airlines, for example on the respective websites.

Further information on the status of negotiations will be provided by the Association of Service Sector Employers PALTA.

Airpro regrets any inconvenience caused by the possible stoppages of work.

- Further information: Janne Hattula, Managing Director Airpro

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