Airpro's ISAGO registration renewed


IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) is the standardized and structured audit program of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for organizations that provide ground services. ISAGO utilizes internationally recognized ground service standards and recommended practices. ISAGO offers various benefits in the aviation industry in order to improve the safety of ground handling services and to offer a uniform set of auditing processes and standards.

Airpro, a provider of a multitude of ground and passenger services for airlines and airports in Finland, renewed its ISAGO registration in the spring of 2017. Audits for the 2017 registration were conducted to the same extent as previously in 2015, covering Airpro's management and operations. The headquarters audit focused on the Organization & Management System and making sure that the ground handling functions are performed in conformity with latest industry operational practices. Helsinki as well as Oulu station audits involved station management system, passenger and baggage handling, load control, aircraft handling & loading, aircraft ground movement.

As a result, Airpro continues among the first ISAGO-registered ground service providers in the Nordic countries, in conformity with ISAGO standards and recommended practices.

Ground service providers that operate in accordance with the ISAGO standards are committed to following internationally recognized best practices in the industry.

“Our ISAGO registration indicates that our operations are at the level of demanding international quality standards for ground services. This is essential as we are continuously developing our operations in terms of safety, quality and services,” says Janne Hattula, managing director of Airpro.

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