Compliance comes first

We stand out by leading with responsibility. The quality of our operations and the emphasis on responsibility are at the core of our actions.

Our governance focus areas 2023:

  • Policies and guidelines
  • EMS
  • Northern exposure

Our reporting, policies, audits & programs

We are committed to Finavia’s Ethical Principles. We maintain an open reporting culture that supports proactive intervention to address issues that jeopardise occupational safety. We have a Whistleblowing-channel.

Isago and our improvement

ISAGO is the standardized and structured audit program of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for ground service providers (GHSP). Airpro continues among the first ISAGO-registered ground service providers in the Nordic countries. We completed our auditing in 2023.

We improved our reporting and management of sustainability efforts. We acquired more suitable reporting tools from Granlund, and an ESG working group was established at Airpro. Collaboration with Finavia’s environmental department also intensified.


Our ethical principles are:

  • We follow the law
  • We do not accept bribery or corruption
  • We avoid conflicts of interest
  • We operate safely
  • We look after property and information
  • We are transparent in our communications
  • We respect each other and our partners
  • We take responsibility for the environment
  • We procure responsibly
  • We follow the principles in our day-to-day work
  • We listen to concerns and report violations


We are aiming to match the ISO14001 standards

After creating and publishing our first sustainability report, we have also put
our focus into creating a structured road map for our environmental management system. Our main target is to set our environmental management processes to match with the ISO14001 standards in the near future.


An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a tool that helps
organizations manage their environmental impact in a systematic way. It ensures that they can achieve a consistent level of environmental responsibility, meet legal requirements, and adhere to the expectations of owners for environmentally friendly operations.

Environmental management focuses on taking early action to protect the environment. The task of EMS is to ensure and document that the services
and products produced by Airpro meet the environmental requirements set for us.


Our top commitments for 2024


is introduced.


obtaining the certificate.

New model

implementing continuous improvement.